The Fresh Fruit International LLC

The Fresh Fruit International LLC was incorporated in 2013 and established partnership with Dole Asia Holdings PTE.LTD, the world leading producer and seller of fruits and vegetables, to import ''Dole'' brand bananas to Mongolian market directly from the Philippines.

The Dole brand bananas are of highest grade that meets quality and food safety requirements and certified with internationally recognized certificates such as ISO22000:2005, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, SA8000:2008 certificates, quality certificate NASSR, Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate, Certificate of Good Agricultural Practice Global G.A.P. We store and transport our products in accordance with hygiene requirements using newest technologies and supply and deliver our products through chain stores “Mini Delguur”, market place “E-mart”, also through wholesale places such as Bars and Bumbugur and other markets and supermarkets. We aim to supply our customers with high quality and grade fruits and products to domestic market.

Address : Bayangol district 1st khoroo, Bogd-Ar district, Jonbees center.
Phone : 21-253855, 99105801
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