The Capital Market LLC have concluded many contracts and agreements of cooperation and distribution of high quality, well known brand products to Mongolian market from the day of incorporation in 2004.

Our Company supply about 1000 major customers in Ulaanbaatar city and rural regions such as restaurants, chain stores, fast food restaurants, mining companies, hospitals, kindergartens, ministries, foreign organizations and associations.

Our Company established 2’000 tons capacity, fully automated Cooled Storage “Tyson Foods Distribution Centre” equipped with leading equipments of “Dong Yang Engineering” Co.,Ltd , 4’000 tons capacity cooled storage, deep freeze in Bayanzurkh District and Meat Processing Factory and 700 tons capacity slaughtering house, processing and cooled storage in Sukhbaatar province. In addition we have expanded our operational scope by entering with great success in construction, agriculture and financial business.

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